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Taste Cafe and Marketplace 3.35/4

Taste Cafe and Marketplace is undoubtedly my favorite cafe in Indianapolis!

My sister and I had the pleasure of going to this cafe at 52nd and College Ave. last week for lunch, and the experience was perfection. We entered the inviting, contemporary cafe with bamboo accents, walked past the case of homemade salads and desserts, placed our order with the friendly cashier then chose a small table illuminated by the sun as we awaited our food.

The portion sizes at Taste are large, so we split the B.A.L.T sandwich on a whole wheat baguette (the "A" stands for avocado), pomme frites (french fries) served with a basil aioli and a lemon bar for dessert. The sandwich was hearty and fresh. The fries were simply unbeatable ... maybe it is the combo of koser salt and cracked pepper along with the dipping sauce ... whatever it is, props to the chef! The lemon bar was an impulse buy ... you conveniently walk past the fresh desserts before ordering your food and before you know it one of the treats are added to your order!

Taste is self proclaimed as a fresh dining experience, designed to stimulate the senses with sight, smell and taste. They use only the finest and freshest ingredients. For dessert, they serve delicious cookies, cakes or other treats, baked fresh on-site. The restaurant is open for breakfast and lunch daily and now open for dinner on Wednesdays and Thursdays. 

Here is how this experience stacks up based on my 1-4 rating system - 4 being the best:

Food: 4
As I said before, their is something magical about this food! The combinations of flavors and the presentation is perfect! I have loved every item I have gotten from this restaurant!

Atmosphere: 3.75
The cafe decor is modern and sleek. It is a welcoming environment with a good vibe. There are pitchers of fruit-flavored water in the dining room so that you can refill your water yourself and the staff is circling to pick up your plates when you are done eating - it is casual yet sophisticated.

Price: 2.5 
The only possible complaint about this place might be the price ... compared to similar cafes, the prices are a bit high - a minimum of $7 for a sandwich and $4.50 for pomme frites seems a bit much.

Uniqueness: 3.5
The food is unique, there are always daily specials and the homemade dessert options are a nice touch.

Service: 3
The service is good, and the staff is friendly. While you order at a counter, the food is delivered to your table and the staff picks up your empty plates.

Overall Average: 3.35
The overall average was brought down by the price category, but, as you can see, the rest of the experience was top notch.

Visit the Taste Cafe and Marketplace website and check out their offering. I suggest looking at the menu online to get a feel for the food choices before your visit because you order from large menus attached to the wall, not from a menu at your seat which can be a bit intimidating if you are unfamiliar with some of the ingredients and such,

So ... next time you are on the Northside of Indy near Broad Ripple or Butler, you MUST visit this restaurant ... and, in my opinion, and the opinion of most people I have visited the restaurant with, it is even worth making a special trip!

Kudos to Taste for offering such a delicious experience!

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