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2013 Indiana Golden Gloves Tournament

It's that time of the year again ... Indiana Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament!

Aaron and I have been attending the annual Indiana Golden Gloves Boxing Tournament for 5 years now. The tournament this year began last night, Thursday, March 21 at Tyndall Armory downtown Indy at 7:30 pm. It is a 6 week (every Thursday), single elimination boxing tourney featuring 4 nights of preliminary boxing matches and 2 championship nights. There are typically 18 or so fights each night - the weight classes, ages and experience levels of the fighters vary with every bout.

The event is entertaining for those of us that follow boxing and understand the sport, but it is also pure entertainment even if you don't know all of the ends and outs of boxing. I will warn you that if you are a bit squeamish these fights might be a bit intense - there is likely a bit of harmless blood shed ... add in a 50/50 raffle, concessions and beer carts, and you are in for a wild night!

The fights last night were good ones! Lots of all-out boxing ending in a few close decisions. There was one technical knock out which was one of the worst/best I had seen at one of these tournaments. You never know what you are going to get from fight to fight - some fighters are power hitters while some are "dancers". It makes for good variety!

The crowd, as always, was rowdy and some of the fighters definitely know how to put on a show. The constant cheering and booing from the crowd creates the ultimate fight night atmosphere.

We have quite an appreciation for the training and technique these fighters need to have in order to to get in the ring and give it their all! I definitely suggest stopping in if you are free on a Thursday night in the next 5 weeks. The boxing is lively, the people watching is some of the best around, and it is always great fun!

Tickets can be purchased from this website in advance, or at the door.


  1. Always a great time!! I miss going with you and A to these.

    1. It was great fun last night! It was even nicer to be watching it with Aaron in the crowd as opposed to watching him in the ring.