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Pin the Crown on the Princess Game

As some of you may know, my day job is a Marketing Communications Manager with an emphasis in Graphic Design. I work in manufacturing where I get to use my creativity and artistic talents daily on print, website and multimedia projects. But my love for design is not limited to my profession - I have the pleasure of creating design projects for friends and family often. I have designed invitations, wall art and t-shirts, and this past weekend I added a birthday party game to my resume!

The idea for the game came from my friend - her four year old daughter's princess-themed birthday party needed a princess-themed game. She came up with the idea to play Pin the Crown on the Princess, a take on Pin the Tail on the Donkey. We appropriately agreed on Cinderella as the princess to be featured in the game as that is one of her daughter's favorites.

To create the game, I designed the princess poster in a graphic design program called Adobe Illustrator. You might be able to achieve something similar by using Microsoft Word as well. I found a picture of Cinderella online and created an illustration based on the image. I added a pink background and personalized the game with the birthday girl's name. I then illustrated ten crowns sized to fit on Cinderella's head.

After the design was complete, I printed the graphics and laminated them. The Cinderella poster was created as an 11X17" poster, while I cut the crowns to shape.

I was happy with the look of the game, but the real test was if the kids liked it! The birthday girl loved it and immediately requested to be the first kid to play the game. We taped the poster to a door and applied a piece of tape to the back of each crown after writing each kid's name on their crown. Each kid took a turn putting on a blindfold and attempting to pin the crown on the princess' head.

I think the game was a hit! Some of the crowns were placed near Cinderella's head, others closer to her hands but all of the crowns made it on the poster somewhere which was pretty good! I think this game added nicely to this already adorable birthday party complete with a homemade castle cake and castle piƱata.

I love using my talents to realize the great ideas of others, and I was happy to do just that for a friend this past weekend!

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