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What's Better Than One Adorable Pup ... ?


My dog, Aurey (the choc lab), is a huge part of my world! He is my playmate, my protector and the most entertaining little buddy ever! He is a furry little clown dog!

This week we are dog sitting this beautiful golden retriever, Tucker. Tucker and Aurey are best buds. Aurey is a bit younger and has a bit more energy but Tucker kind of just lets Aurey bug him as much as he wants. They are a pretty good pair ... I' not sure I would want two dogs in my house all of the time but when we have this little dude over for a few days, it sure is a pleasure ... I mean look at these two!

Disclaimer: Don't be fooled by the calm puppies you see laying in the photos above ... they have spent most of their time wrestling around, biting and drooling all over each other.


  1. Aww, Tucker is famous! He wanted me to tell you again how much he enjoyed himself with Aurey. They sure are a good match! :)