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CHAOS for the Kids

Tonight I went to a fundraising event called CHAOS for the Kids to support my friend Brandon and The Project Kids Network and its programs helping less fortunate kids around the globe. Brandon is the Director of Yoga and Fitness Programs for the organization, and he will be taking a trip to Peru on their behalf. It's such a cool opportunity! Check out his bio:

The fitness fundraiser consisted of sixty minutes of spinning, TRX Core and Circuit training. The class was great! I have not done a spin class in several years but I was able to jump right back into that. The TRX Core portion was pretty challenging. To be honest, I didn't really know much about TRX but I NOW know that it takes a lot of core and back strength to do it! The Circuit training consisted of bands, rowing, ropes, sled pushing and more.  

I am glad I went and got to try out these new routines ... and support a great cause. Visit The Project Kids Network website for more details on the organization,

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