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DIY Suede Band Bracelet Watch

I often times draw creative inspiration from online images or items I see in stores and, of course, Pinterest. And sometimes I am able to re-create the inspiration piece using my own personal flare!

I saw a photo of a leather band bracelet watch and decided I could re-create the piece. I headed to JoAnn Fabrics (there are always coupons on their website!) and bought some suede for the band and a watch face. I then took the items home and did a lot of troubleshooting until I figured it all out. I actually came up with a solution that I think works better than the inspiration piece ... plus, I was able to re-create it for much less than the inspiration piece as well!

DIY Suede Band Bracelet Watch Directions:

  • Suede Cord, approximately 60 inches long
  • Watch Face 


1. Cut the suede cord to 60 inches. The length of the cord will depend on your wrist size and the number of times you want the cord to wrap around your wrist. Mine ended up being closer to 55", but I suggest starting with a bit of excess.

2. Fold the cord in half creating two equal 30" sides. Create a loop by tying a knot with the folded side of the cord - the side opposite the two ends.

3. Thread the ends through the watch face - the looped side of the cord will be on one side of the watch face and the loose ends on the other.

4. Loop the loose ends through the watch face a second time creating the bracelet portion of the watch - you should be able to slip your wrist through the bracelet you created.

5. Create a knot with the two loose ends of the cord. Trim excess cord.


6. Slip your wrist through the bracelet and wrap the long ends around your wrist on either side of the watch face. Secure the watch by slipping the knotted end through the looped end.

7. The final product is a stylish, bracelet watch with a casual feel.

I re-created this watch for less than $15. The price is dependent on the cost of the watch face though - you could go more expensive with the watch face if you wanted to. It might take some trial and error when creating your own Suede Band Bracelet Watch, but it will be fun designing your own one-of-a kind piece. Consider choosing your favorite color for the suede cord or combining multiple colors ... choose a playful watch face or possibly re-purpose a vintage one ... the design is completely up to you! Enjoy!

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