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The Avett Brothers ... Live In Concert

Live music makes me extremely happy, especially when it's the music of one of my favorite bands - The Avett Brothers! 

My sister and I made the three hour drive to Lifestyles Community Pavilion in Columbus, OH to see The Avett Brothers for the first time. My sister is actually the person who turned me onto this folk rock band, and I couldn't be more grateful!
Some background on the band ... The Avett Brothers are out of North Carolina and include two brothers and three other fellows. Between them they play the banjo, guitar, stand up bass, cello and drums. Their sound is said to combine bluegrass, country, punk, pop melodies, folk, rock and roll, honky tonk, and ragtime ... sounds like a party, huh?
The band is so genuine - the lyrics and music just seem so real. There is no giant, over the top production necessary to showcase the brilliant voices and instrument playing of the band. Their vibe just really vibes with me - laid back at times, energetic at times and chill. The music simply puts a smile on my face!

For starters, Lifestyles Community Pavilion in Columbus was the perfect venue for the show. It is an intimate outdoor venue with lawn seating and standing room only - the music carried well and there didn't seem to be a bad seat in the house ... throw in Shock Top and 312 on tap and delicious pizza by the slice - we couldn't have asked for a better venue! The city of Columbus itself seemed pretty cool too though we didn't have much time to explore - several restaurants lined the well maintained and landscaped  streets.

The show itself was fantastic! The band played both old and new songs, a nice blend of slower and more uptempo music. The band's vocals were spot on. It is amazing to me how talented the guys are - guitar, banjo, cello, piano, drums ... they really showcased their skills. They even slowed down the pace and sang a hymn - pretty cool! Plus, the crazy legs and dancing by the band was pure entertainment!
The crowd was great too! There is nothing like a large group of people, singing lyrics at the top of their lungs along with the band, fists in the air, enjoying the show. That moment when the stage lights turn toward the crowd and encourage the audience to sing it out always gives my goosebumps!

The stage was set with a background image that changed and nice lighting effects. It really complimented the performance.

This show was a great experience, and I loved sharing this experience with my sister - great company, great music, great venue! Seeing one of your favorite bands live certainly strengthens your connection to their music. You begin to appreciate their craft even more and begin to love the band as individuals even more. There is just something about a great show that lifts your spirits and leaves you feeling a bit giddy!

By no means do I find it appropriate to force my love for a band on anyone else - music is very personal and subjective. But if you think you might be into incredible folk rock music, check out The Avett Brothers! More importantly, consider seeing YOUR favorite band live, if you haven't already, it should be an experience to remember!

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