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Puerto Rico - Day 6

We had a lazy day of vacation on day 6 - which everyone should enjoy every now and again. We hit the beach and the pool and took it easy!

We did a lot of boogie boarding which was a blast! Aaron was determined to find the perfect waves to shoot him to the shoreline, and I got some good distance on the waves I rode. You can't beat our location - private beach, pool, an apartment with air conditioning in case you need to cool down - we have had it made on this vacation!

Unfortunately this trip is wrapping up and we have to return home :( We have had awesome experiences - some adventure, great food, lots of sun and sand and a bit of relaxation! We truly took advantage of our environment exploring a variety of areas and trying to engross ourselves a bit in the Puerto Rican culture.

We learned that dogs and cats run wild here but don't really seem to bother the people - there were precious dogs sleeping on the side walks! We learned that people ride horses around the streets for transportation and that it's not uncommon for a herd of cows to be roaming the roads and people yards - you just have to wait for them to get out if your lane before you drive by! We learned that private school buses make it a competition to see whose bus is more tricked out - chrome and decals and lights galore! We learned that lanes and traffic signals are merely a suggestion for Puerto Rican drivers and Burger King and Church's Chicken are on every corner. We learned the hard way that EVERYTHING in the small towns are closed on Mother's Day including Walmart! While the language barrier was a bit challenging at times, we learned that most of the locals were happy to help us even though our Spanish is not strong at all! We also learned that PR is a fantastic vacation spot and it would be hard to become bored due to it's diverse landscapes and pristine beaches!

My favorite types of vacations are those where we live out each moment to the fullest and push ourselves a but out our comfort zones at times, which we did on this trip. We now have memories that we will never forget and that, right there, is priceless!

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