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Monumental Yoga on the Circle

Have you ever done yoga on Monument Circle in downtown Indianapolis with 1,000+ other yogis?

I have ... and it was so much fun!

Yogis in Indianapolis came together today, Friday, June 20th, to celebrate Indy's love for yoga and the summer solstice in an event called Monumental Yoga on the Circle. Participants laid out their yoga mats and followed instructors through sun salutations. It was a free event from noon to 1 and donations were taken to benefit Growing Places Indy and Y12SR.

Instructors from several local yoga studios gave instructions over a microphone to all of us who braved the heat to make this a monumental event! It was hot yoga at its finest!

It was such a beautiful day for this event - the sun was beaming down - so appropriate for the occasion. It was surprisingly super relaxing even though we were in the heart of the city. There was a live electric violinist playing in background. I somehow tuned out the cars, city noise and hustle and bustle of downtown Indy - I was in tune with the nature around me, relaxed and in the moment.

I have to admit yoga has not always been my thing - it took me a while to really appreciate the art form. My idea of exercise has always been competitive, action packed sports, but once I started researching yoga and its effects on mind and body, I began to really love it. Yoga is peaceful, though it can be super challenging. Yoga effects parts of my body that my daily fitness routine does not - I can push my strength and flexibility to their limits all while relaxing my mind and clearing my head.

This event was a great way to practice yoga in a nontraditional location - challenging each of us to let our breath take over and eliminate the distractions around us. It was a site to see so many people gathered in one location sharing a love for yoga and healthy living. I live for this kind of stuff!

As the Monumental Yoga tagline goes, breathe, find your center and enjoy time with friends! ... Mission accomplished!

Check out the Indianapolis Star for more pics,